About Us
We are committed to spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are an Institution for Higher Spiritual Learning. 
9715 Epsom Road
Houston, TX 77093

4506 Mierianne
Houston, TX 77093
Sunday        Morning Service - 11:00A.M.
Conference Call                 774.220.4000  ID# 01658
Sunday's -  Soul Food - 8pm - 9pm
Wednesday's - Word Power - 8pm - 9pm
Friday's - Hour of Power - 9pm - 10pm

Tuesday's - 8:30pm
Comcast Ch. 17 - TVMax - Ch. 95 - Sudden Link - Ch. 99
AT&T U-Verse - Ch. 99 - Phonoscope Ch. 75
(Website HMSTV.org - "Watch it now")
The Apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Organization consists of one Bishop/Elder, which consumes full and total authority over all bodies of Christ entrusted into him and five (5) Board Members. All Active Members are encouraged to attend all board meetings.
The decision rendered by the Board is final, upon an unanimous decision. If an unanimous decision is not reached, all sanctions and decisions can be based on the majority rule. However, the party concerned can appeal the decision to the Bishop/Elder for a final decision within 5 days from the date the board members reached its decision. All decision voting shall be written on a 3x5 card stating yes or no (excluding names) upon reaching an unanimous. After a brief overview (same day) not to exceed 30 minutes another vote will be administered. If the decision is unanimous again the majority rule will now be in effect. All sanctions rendered are not in effect until the appeal process has ended or the party concerned has waived their right to an appeal. The defendant has 5 days to appeal all unanimous decisions (but not unanimous decisions which are binding and legal) to the Bishop/Elder for a final decision and order. If the defendant fails to file a motion of appeal (verbal), the unanimous decision rendered by the Boardis Final.
Board Membership
All Board Members must be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. They must be of good character, have good hearing, corrective vision and be able to read and write. The Board Membership consists of the following:
1.  Bishop/Elder - Head of the Church
2.  Division Prophetess -  Head of Women Affairs
Five (5) Board Members- Selected on their works, attitude and knowledge of the word of God (unlimited term)
Note: No Board Member is allowed to miss two consecutive meetings or five meetings within a one year period
Additional information furnished upon request.
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